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Hernia after Pregnancy

Hernias are a problem some women experience after giving birth. Sometimes, there is a small bulge above the belly button that may indicate a hernia.

Fortunately, most women won’t have a serious issue; although, it can be unpleasant. So, what do you need to know about hernia after pregnancy?

Is Postpartum Hernia Common or Rare?

A hernia isn’t something that happens just to a pregnant woman or occurs after giving birth. It can happen to virtually anyone, regardless of age, gender, or fitness levels. Hernias occur when there are openings within muscle and your tissues or fat pushes through them.

Often, it’s an unpleasant and uncomfortable experience for most to go through. It is, however, important to note that it isn’t always a common thing to happen for pregnant women.

It does happen; however, it depends on you and your body. Remember, there are different types of hernias. Some are more likely to occur because of pregnancy; this can include umbilical hernia, ventral hernia, and inguinal hernia.

You should speak to your doctor when you’re worried about hernia during or after pregnancy.

The Classic Symptoms of Postpartum Hernia

There are several signs associated with postpartum hernia. For instance, you might experience pain or tenderness within the stomach area. You might notice your belly button becoming an ‘outie’ and that it is bulging somewhat.

There may also be raised tissue near the scar if you’ve had a C-section; however, it could be a simple bulge or bump around the belly button area, usually above it.

Hernias can be uncomfortable and may be serious, depending on the severity of the condition.

Making it Worse

Hernia is a serious condition, regardless of how severe it may be. You might experience a mild case of discomfort; however, mild pain can quickly increase when you exert yourself too much.

There are many ways for you to make your hernia worse. For example, when you laugh too hard or sneeze, it could cause severe pain. It’s the same with coughing or lifting something on the heavy side. There are a dozen different ways to make the hernia worse; it’s not pleasant and may require medical attention.

When to Visit a doctor?

Whenever you notice a hernia, it is best to seek medical attention immediately. While some cases might turn out to be mild, others could be more serious. Often, when you are in a lot of pain, feel – or are – sick, and notice your skin changing or the bulge getting bigger, it’s essential to see someone.

This could be a sign of something more severe. It is important to speak to a doctor and get seen by a medical physician immediately – even if it’s just to put your mind at ease.

Act Against Hernias

Hernia is a common complaint of men and women everywhere; unfortunately, during and after pregnancy, women can find hernias to be more common. While your hernia may be mild, it must be treated as most won’t disappear overnight, at least not without medical intervention.

That is why you must treat hernias seriously and treat them as soon as you notice them. It’ll help in the short and long-term.

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