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Incisional hernias caused by surgeries

Incisional hernias are a type of hernia that occurs where there was a previous incision made towards the abdominal wall.

These are fairly common incisions that can occur after a previous surgical operation or at the site of another previous hernia. Most of the time the incisions that produce these types of hernias were for surgery that required work on internal organ like for a caesarean section or appendix removal. An incisional hernia is not the same as a hernia which is recurrent.

In most surgeries, a medical professional will close the various layers of the abdominal wall with stitches but the closure can sometimes come apart when it fails to heal properly or when extra stress is placed on the site of the wound.

Are incisional hernias common?

Incisional hernias are relatively common with 5 to 15% of all operations of the abdomen resulting in an incisional hernia within the first year after surgery. The success rate for repairing this area of the body does have a series of complications associated with it. 50% of surgeons that have performed incisional repairs have seen their patient again within two years with difficulty from the surgery.

Is it safe to leave a hernia without treatment?

If you do not treat a hernia it’s quite possible that it will continue to enlarge and become much more unsightly, uncomfortable and dangerous for your health.
There are some non-surgical options such as wearing a corset or a belt but these are a Band-Aid solution for managing discomfort.

The best way that you can deal with an incisional hernia is to ensure that you promptly see a specialist and receive treatment to safeguard a speedy recovery and begin the physical repair process.

When performing abdominal surgeries the use of biological mesh is much more proficient at promoting healing and repair within the abdomen, as opposed to common stitching methods which more often lead to incisional hernias.

With our professionally trained team of experts can work towards a diagnosis and assist in helping you find a solution for your hernia. If you believe you’re having problems with an incisional hernia caused by previous surgery, be sure to contact us immediately.

Posted in: News on August 26, 2020.

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