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What types of hernias are most common for men?

Age and gender unfortunately do play a part in the commonalities of hernias.

There is a greater likelihood of certain types of hernias for older men. There are several types of hernia which are more common in men. One of the most common types of hernias that is diagnosed in men is a hernia of the abdominal wall.

Abdominal wall hernias are often caused by strenuous exercise and poor diet in older men, however there are multiple effective approaches for repairing them. With the help of an experienced expert diagnosing and treating abdominal wall hernias can be relatively fuss free, and receiving this help promptly can make the difference between long term discomfort and a speedy recovery.

Here are some of the most common types of hernia that men experience:

Iguinal Hernia:
This is a common type of hernia in men and the treatment is often a surgical operation. This type of hernia occurs when the lower intestine makes its way through a weak point in the abdomen. This often appears as a small bulge that pushes inwards and outwards depending on the amount of stress that a person is under and the position that they are laying in. This type of hernia can also appear as a permanent bulge which is known as an incarcerated hernia. This type of hernia needs to be diagnosed and managed as soon as possible as it can lead to other more detrimental health issues involving your intestines.

Incisional hernia:
This is a secondary type of hernia that is extremely common in men as well. This is a serious type of hernia because it often requires patients to undergo surgery. Having an open surgery along the abdominal region can have a difficult healing process and this is often the cause of the hernia opening up. An incisional hernia is commonly repaired with the help of a mesh or speciality surgical process.

Umbilical hernia:
Umbilical hernias are much more common in women but this is the third most common type of hernia that occurs in adult men. This type of hernia is common as a congenital defect that happens throughout the Naval and it’s possible from birth. This type of hernia does not often manifest itself until there is a weight gain or until there has been extra stress on the umbilical area of the body. Small umbilical hernias have a tendency to close up in children but they can open up in adulthood after extreme physical stress.

If you are experiencing any of these top types of hernia, it is wise to speak to a hernia expert as soon as possible. We have a expert team that can assist you with the process of hernia recovery, diagnosis and management.

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Posted in: News on July 16, 2020.

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